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Friday, September 19, 2014

Being Blessed

This morning I woke up thinking of all the blessings I had received in my twenty years in Chile. This is a picture of Chile, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It was a grace for me to have lived and worked there and met so many wonderful, holy people who blessed me in so many ways.

Thinking of the actual act of blessing brought back memories of a summer in Mexico when I was just sixteen. I still remember being so impressed with three grown sons asking their father's blessing, not only before bed, but when they left the house. I think many Hispanic families still have the custom of a blessing before bedtime.

I am thinking of how I am to use the three components of a blessing in my relationships today. It is easy to show delight in those I will be meeting and to want the best for them, but what of the third component? I guess I need to repeat what Rolheiser said:

"To bless someone is to see and admire that person, speak well of him or her, and give away some of your life so that he or she might have more life."
 I am going to try to have all of these components today in order to bless all I meet both at home and at the University!

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