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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Be generous, not envious

Jesus told the parable of the owner who hired laborers every time he went out and found some who had not been hired. He paid each a daily wage, even if they had been hired at a late hour. He was generous. The ones who had worked all day and were paid last were resentful. They did not think that was fair. But the owner said that they had received what was agreed on and they had no right to find fault with his generosity. Now, I think that I would have been resentful, too, and wonder how this parable now applies to my own life.
Jesus knew that God is all loving, merciful, generous and would not want anyone to be left out. He is like that owner who kept going out to see who had not been hired. He looks for ways to show His love. Jesus went out and looked for those who were poor, those who were treated as outcasts, those in need of love. May I do the same today.

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