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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Thoughts

Today we are having a community planning day; yesterday we said good-bye to one who has lived with us in Miami for many years; since one of our community is in Rome forming our young Religious preparing for final profession, there are going to be only three of us living in our community until February. It will be a new community and we are beginning with prayer, looking at what has been good and we want to continue and also looking at what we would like to change.
After the more contemplative part of the morning, we work out a plan for the year, coordinate calendars, and agree about the many household tasks, cooking schedules, celebrations of birthdays, feasts, and holidays.
We will do the budget another day as we all like to have time in the pool and will go out for dinner to celebrate our beginning of this new community.
I was struck in retreat when reading our formation booklet that says that God has called us to live in community as sisters... I stayed with that thought that I am called by God to live in community. I am looking forward to our new year together and hope and think that one of our goals will be hospitality.

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