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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Week end Joys

This is a free week end and there is such a sense of leisure. I went back to sleep until almost eight o'clock; the house is quiet and two of my friends who came to lunch yesterday brought beautiful flowers; the deep pink roses are decorating our living room and the delicate and varied bouquet that I was told was for my room, is the centerpiece on the dining room table. I have really never had flowers in my room, but I am loving having them today in the two rooms where we can enjoy them. The third friend brought a delicious chocolate chip cake which I am also enjoying, but most of all I just rejoiced being able to entertain my friends.

I love waterfalls and they remind me that "living waters" flow from the side of Christ. I think Jesus is so present to each of us and wants to give Himself to us even more fully, if we would just be attentive to His Presence in our lives.

I am reading Julian's Gospel and finding new information about the fourteenth century; it makes me grateful to live in the 21st century!

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