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Friday, September 5, 2014

God's love just keeps flowing...

During my retreat I was fascinated by the waves. Sometimes they were huge to the delight of the surfers; at other times they broke gently and just lapped the shore, wetting the sand and sending the toddlers scurrying back to safety. What struck me was that, although the waves were different in intensity, height, and depth, they were relentless. They just kept coming.

For me, the sound of the waves had a prayerful tone: I heard Jesus saying to me over and over: "Remain in my love; I love you; you are mine; love me..." The sound of the surf became prayer and I find the ocean such a wonderful image of God and God's Love. The ocean is always ocean but never the same; it is calling us to see how infinite God's Love is and to listen to Him. God's love just keeps flowing into us!

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