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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Sacrament of Reconciliation

Today I want to share with you a quote from Walter Kasper's book on Mercy as I find it helpful:

"The Sacrament of Reconciliation is a true refuge for sinners, which all of us are. Here the burdens that we carry around with us, are taken from us. Nowhere else do we encounter the mercy of God so immediately, so directly, and so concretely as when we are told in the name of Jesus: "Your sins are forgiven!" Certainly no one finds it easy to humbly confess his or her sins and, often enough, to confess the same sins over and over again. But everyone who does that and then is told, "I absolve you", not generally and anonymously, but concretely and personally, knows of the inner freedom, inner peace, and joy that this sacrament bestows."

I am talking about this Sacrament today and tomorrow as so many have found it almost absent from their lives. I reflected on my own reception of the Sacrament and I usually try for once a month and end up with about six or seven times a year, but each time I feel a deep peace and joy after receiving the Sacrament. When sharing some of my retreat reflection, I was asked to put it in my blog so that is why I am writing again tomorrow about this Sacrament. Remember that a Sacrament is an outward sign instituted by Christ to give grace. Why not try to receive the grace of this Sacrament?

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