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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Another week end...

Where has the week gone? The days pass so quickly and I must confess that I seem to find time for all except the book I want to write about one of our great pioneer religious. I suppose I am not giving it priority and so it is still waiting for me.
The week end is rather free but I find it hard to work on week ends. I used to write papers on week ends; then I often spent hours correcting papers on week ends. What has happened to my work ethic? I need to sit down and not get up until I have written at least three pages. I will try it today and see what happens, but I need the support of others to make myself do this so please, lots of prayer for this miserable creature who wants to write and does not do it!!

Now for something spiritual. God is not envious. When Jesus tells the parable of the workers who are told to go into the fields at nine in the morning, at noon, at three, and finally at five o'clock, he is showing us how God keeps looking for us and wants to give us all that we need - that was the daily wage that the owner gave each, beginning with those who had only worked the last bit of the day since they were only hired at five o'clock. God gives each of us all that we need and we need to be free from envy and resentment. I guess we can apply this to our own lives and rejoice in such a generous God!

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