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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

"Julian's Gospel"

When I was in Berkeley last month, I met Veronica Rolf, the author of a tremendous book: Julian's Gospel: Illuminating the Life and Revelations of Julian of Norwich, Orbis, 2014. Veronica worked for six years to give us this book; she has researched so much of the background of the time of Julian as well as giving us new insights into the Revelations of Julian. I have just received the book, but feel that it is going to be my spiritual reading for months.

In the meantime, here is again something from Pope Francis taken from his General Audience , October 16, 2013:
"An apostle is a person who has been given a mandate, sent to do something, and the apostles were chosen, called and sent our by Jesus to continue his work, that is, to pray--which is the primary job of an apostle--and, second, to proclaim the Gospel."

So, the more important task of the apostle is to pray! And the Pope says that if we want to be apostles, "we must ask ourselves: Do I pray for the salvation of the world? Do I proclaim the Gospel?

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