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Saturday, October 31, 2015

All Hallows' Eve

This is the day we begin to think of those who have died and gone before us. Tomorrow is All Saints. I think I may have shared how present to me were the saints when I was in isolation for so many weeks last year. Sometimes my room seem crowded with them - canonized and non-canonized, I felt their presence around my bed.
I guess I am still asking why I am alive? What does God want from me?

As a child, Halloween was all about getting dressed up in a costume so you were someone else for the party and the trick and treat visits to neighbors. Now, for me, it is a serious preparation for the Feast of All Saints and the month dedicated to those who may not have gone straight to God when they died. I do pray for those souls, but, as there is no time with God, I sometimes get confused with the things that have been said about Purgatory. I do not need to understand speculative theology, but I do believe in praying for all those who have died.  

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