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Monday, October 19, 2015

Remembering Marge

 Margaret Seitz, RSCJ
The Mass for Marge Seitz, RSCJ will be this evening at St. Hughes and I know the Church will be filled as she has been working at Carrollton for the past sixteen years. I have had the privilege to live with her for those sixteen years. I have known her longer, of course, in fact she was in my sister's class at Maryville where she graduated in 1957. She was such a fun person, a real educator and had an innate kindness that allowed her to get along with anybody and everybody.
One of my RSCJ friends had this to say about her:
"Marge made such an impact on many generations with her wisdom,  common sense, sense of humor, love of learning and ever adventurous spirit, whether exploring a new site near her locale or devouring a book, and of course her deep and practical faith.  She is certainly one of our "greats".    I know  you will miss her enormously."
I just cannot realize that Marge will not be here to share books with me, to talk over the day and make wise and witty comments. I just find an ache in my heart. She was so simple, so human, so loving that her presence made a difference.

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