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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Our repentance becomes God's joy

This morning I was reading Pope Francis' talk at the end of the Synod and he had a wonderful quote from Blessed Paul VI that I copied in my journal and will copy here for you:

"We can imagine, then, that each of our sins, our attempts to turn our back on God, kindles in him a more intense flame of love, a desire to bring us back to himself and to his saving plan...God, in Christ, shows himself to be infinitely good...God is good. Not only in himself; God is - let us say it with tears - good for us. He loves us, he seeks us out, he thinks of us, he knows us, he touches our hearts and waits for us. He will be - so to say- delighted on the day when we return and say: "Lord, in your goodness, forgive me. Thus our repentance becomes God's joy."

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