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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Lord, that I may see...

I think that is a very good prayer for all of us. "Lord, that I might see." This man knows that he cannot see and desires this with all his being. We fool ourselves into thinking that we can see and we miss the plank in our own eye while trying to see a speck in our neighbor's eye. We need to be humble and pray for the Lord to let us see where we are proud, selfish, self-centered, resentful, envious, etc. I pray that I may see and then take my blindness to Jesus to be healed. I pray that the Bishops and priests may see how so many suffer from being cast out by Church law and how Jesus put people first and always welcomed sinners.

I am going to ask your prayer for the Busy Persons' Retreat next week at Carrollton. I am one of a team of six Religious of the Sacred Heart and each of us will be seeing six people each day for individual visits to help them see where the Lord may be leading them or what He may be asking them. It is an opportunity to have a one on one conversation about their life of prayer, to explore new ways, perhaps, of encountering the Lord. My part is to listen to each and to the Holy Spirit and let God act. I would appreciate your prayer.

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