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Monday, October 12, 2015

Columbus Day

Happy Holiday for those who are not working today. It is a good day to pray for all those who are trying to establish citizenship in our country. So many desire to be legal. Our ancestors arrived and made their homes here and welcomed others to come and join us. Now, we are sending away people who have been living in our country and working for us in spite of the fact that their children have been born here. If you do not have your legal papers, you live in fear of being deported.
Let us thank God for our beautiful country and pray that our elected officials begin to realize that we can and should help the many who have been trying to establish citizenship. In Florida, we need the migrant workers, mostly from Mexico, but we are not treating them justly, not paying them a fair wage or allowing them to have acceptable working hours, housing, etc. Then, we deny them legal status so they live in fear of being deported.

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