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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Feast of Mater

Mater Admirable, Mother most Admirable, pray for us.

I go back to the grace of having been sacristan for the original Mater at the Trinita dei Monti in Rome for five months. It meant spending a good part of each morning cleaning the Chapel as it was so crowded with chairs and kneelers and all had to be moved, to be able to sweep and mop the floor. All of this with Mater who has been a definite part of my life since I was a thirteen year old boarder beginning my high school years at the Academy of the Sacred Heart in St. Charles.

We are one family all over the world and everywhere we go we find a statue or picture of Mater. In Chile, each school has its own chapel of Mater and in Vina del Mar every child brought roses to school to adorn the Chapel - imagine trying to arrange thousands of roses! It was rather overpowering and so I suggested that each child only bring one rose for the altar. 

I wish everyone a happy feast and time to talk to Mater today!

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