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Thursday, October 22, 2015

More on Marge

Tonight is a week since the death of Marge, my community sister. It was so sudden that I am still feeling strange. The funeral was beautiful, the music excellent, and, if you want to watch it, go to
This week has made me think of heaven more than I have for a long time. Death is really the beginning of our eternal life. I really believe this, but so much is mystery. We long to be with God and yet we cling to life; we certainly are living longer. I am happy for Marge going so quickly, in spite of the shock. I miss her more than I can say. Living in community together for sixteen years made us know each other very well and Marge had a gift for friendship. I hope I can be as wise and kind as she was.
Now, tomorrow we will go back to the Encyclical. I just need to write this blog to say how grateful I am for Marge and for all those who have been praying for us and even bringing us some food. One of my friends had been going to make a chicken pot pie for Marge; she made it today and brought it to us with a salad so dinner is all prepared. Our next door neighbor did the same when they heard the news. People are so good and caring. If you watch the funeral, be sure you go to the end when Sister Suzanne Cooke speaks about  Marge.

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