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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A Happy Path, Happy Day

This picture was taken last Thursday when we had an outing to Filoli, a beautiful house and gardens. I choose this picture as I walked this path on the eve of Mater's feast and prayed to her about my own interior path. Since I am using the image of a path to think about my interior journey, this seemed to express the happiness my chosen path in life has brought me and the joy that continues to overwhelm me at times. 

It was a wonderful outing. I had signed up for this one as soon as I saw the sign. We were only to be four to go with our lovely activity director in her car. It was supposed to rain on Thursday and I think we were hoping all week that it would as the fires are still not completely controlled to the north of us. It was cloudy but the perfect day as not many people were there. We ended up with only two of us going; one is 98 but gets around very well and loves the gardens; the three of us were in the car by 10:00 and there within a half hour. We decided to separate until we would meet for lunch at 11:45 so I took off to explore the gardens and pray by myself. I walked through the sunken garden, the walled garden, the swimming pool, the back gardens and finally went to the immense rose gardens. There are 242 kinds of roses there and most of the bushes were in bloom! I sat to pray for a bit and then continued my exploration of the garden taking pictures as I went. I felt so happy and contented and felt that Mater had arranged this quiet day for me. We had lunch in the little cafe as it was too cool to eat outside with the peacock who was strutting around the patio. After lunch, I went to visit the house by myself and the others met me at 1:30 and we came home by 2:00 and I went to the Chapel to thank for such a happy day and to continue to explore my happy path.
I hope you will venture down your own interior paths this week.

Here is a quote I read: "Laughter is carborated holiness." Only I remembered it as "Laughter is joy percolating!" I rather like both! But I must confess that I like my version better!

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