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Friday, October 20, 2017

Mater's Feast

This Feast of Mater Admirabilis is dear to all alumni of the Sacred Heart. I want to share a bit from a Circular Letter written to the entire Society of the Sacred Heart by our very Reverend Mother de Lescure in July of 1949. She tells us :
"Mater Admirabilis - the jewel of the Society- has been given to us as the virginal guardian keeping watch at the threshold of this sancturary; Mater Admirabilis, treasure of calm and serenity, in activity which should spring from the only fruitful source without ever exhausting or troubling it. We love her for the light of her lowered eyes, for the peace radiating from her contenance, for her very attitude revealing her inner fullness of grace. To have spent a few moments in her presence is a grace that leaves a lasting trace in our lives, and the welcome that this dear picture gives us everywhere we go throughout the Society is one of the signs that we are indeed at home...."

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