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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Loved and respected by the Indians

Although Philippine could do little besides pray and sit with any sick Indian woman, the Indians had great reverence for her. They brought her all manner of things- fresh corn, chickens, wild plums. Mother Mathevon wrote of Mother Duchesne: "She stayed all morning in the church, so Sister Louise would take her a cup of coffee each day, and she drank it at the door of the church. After dinner she went again for three or four hours of prayer. The Indians had the greatest admiration for her, recommended themselves to her prayers, and called her Woman-Who prays-always."
Phiippine again thought of herself as a failure yet the number of baptisms grew and many were convinced that her prayers brought many new families to be baptized every Sunday afternoon and it was Mother Duchesne who inscribed all the names in the register.

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