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Monday, October 23, 2017

Interior journey ?

Paths, walks, roads, all seem to have a fascination for me. I think it is because each of us is on our own individual path. Maybe some walk on narrow footpaths through the woods, while others may have a cement walk, or even a highway to travel and so we also go at different speeds. I find I am now choosing the hidden paths where there is deep silence; I also find my spirit wandering along a path near the ocean and the sound of the surf is music to my ears. I have come to love both silence and solitude and think my soul seeks both. 

Perhaps I will share some of my solitary walks with my inner spirit this week. I am still finding my interior life more exciting than my exterior life. The problem is that we often get caught up in the exterior things and do not know how to articulate what is happening in the deepest part of out being.
Let us reflect on what kind of a path attracts our souls today.

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