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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Come join me for a walk with my soul

This is something new for me and I am not sure where it is going. I often sit down to write my blog and find myself being led by the Spirit in a different direction. Now, today, I am just being with my soul and following this interior spirit who wants to lead me deeper into the solitude of these beautiful trees. I move slowly savoring the autumn air, the rustle of the leaves as I pass over them, and the colors that evoke memories. 
I feel that God is walking with me and suggesting so softly that I review the graces of the day. I begin with my awakening at 5:00 this morning; how grateful I felt for the exterior gift of a hot shower and the inner gift of feeling that all is gift. As I walked through the day, I realized that I am learning to let the Holy Spirit lead me. Now the desire for silence stops this reflection but you can have your own!

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