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Monday, October 9, 2017

These past two weeks have found me reading again the letters that Philippine wrote to Madeleine Sophie while still superior at Florissant from 1819 to 1827 when she was finally able to make the foundation in St. Louis. This was called the "City House" and many of my grade school classmates went there for high school. However, Philippine had many problems both at Florissant and in making the new foundation. 
One of her joys was helping the Jesuits who arrived in Missouri with two priests and seven Dutch novices. They arrived on June 2, 1823. It was the Monday before the Feast of the Sacred Heart. They were even poorer than the nuns so Mother Duchesne hastened to send over food and even took the nuns' choir cloaks to have material to make cassocks for the Jesuits! 
The superior, Father Van Quickenborne, 

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