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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Saint Philippine Duchesne

Her last years at St. Charles were happy ones for Philippine. She had her room near the little chapel that had been built to connect the convent to the Church and she continued to pray long hours but also was the one who went around checking the children's clothes and mending what needed to be mended. She taught catechism to a few of the french-speaking students in the little room under the front porch. She prayed long hours and she wrote letters. Her zeal for the Indians continued to the end of her life which came on November 18, 1852. She was buried in the convent cemetery beside the convent. Three years later people felt that she might be canonized so her body was exhumed. Her body was still intact so she was now moved to the octagonal little chapel that was out in front of the convent. Here her remains rested for the next 100 years. I was one who prayed at her tomb each night before closing up the little chapel that was dedicated to Our Lady. 
Philippine was beatified in 1940. 

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