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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Mother of the Invisible and the Essential

Today we continue to celebrate Mater, Mother of the Invisible and the Essential.
My senior at Sacred Heart Prep who comes for an hour to visit with me each week just to establish a relationship, is conducting interviews with students, faculty, and staff, and others to hear how their faith has developed and he takes notes and has made three podcasts. On Monday, he is going to interview me about my faith journey so I am asking Mater to help me articulate it.
I learn much from my students and this boy is a real joy to be with weekly. He has a twin sister and his brothers who are now Juniors in college, are also twins. 
We are working with the school to give help to those who have lost everything in the fire. I think we are helping many but we have a family with three little boys who lost everything. They have found a two bedroom apartment that is very tiny and empty so we are trying to get some immediate help in the way of clothes, food, and furnishings so they can have their own space. The baby is 18 months, then there is a four year old and a nine year old boy and they need everything. And this is just one family.

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