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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Where is my path leading me?

Ultimately, I trust I am being led to God. It is God who creates this interior path that I trod. Today I am using another picture from the estate, FILOLI, to reflect how often my inner path takes me through a new gate or door or just an opening that shows me something new. God works in our souls in such quiet and mysterious ways that often we do not even realize that we have just followed the path and passed through a gateway to new horizons. Perhaps this is connected for me with our call from the General Chapter 2016 to set sail. I would love to let the wind of the Spirit carry me along, but it seems that I am walking slowly, one step at a time. God keeps calling and I keep following. Sometimes the path is smooth and easier to walk; this prepares me for the more difficult paths that will appear sooner or later for this interior journey is not level but has some ups and downs. The important thing to remember is that we do not walk alone; Jesus is with us and carries us when the path is too rough. I know this from experience.

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