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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Sunday but late

Having prepared ahead of time, I thought I had also written a reflection for Sunday. I just looked and saw nothing so I am thinking of how we should apply the care of the vineyard to our world today. I think we are not caring for the world as we should and so the weather is causing us problems. We need to wake up and begin to fulfill the expectations God has for us to care for this beautiful planet He has given us.

We had a great homily today but on the second reading. Paul tells us to be joyful and grateful. We really do not want to let the bad things that are happening take away our joy. We are working for the Kingdom of God and need courage to keep on no matter how bad the news. Someone asked at dinner this week if we know of any newspaper that gave good news. I think many do, but it is not what gets the headlines.

I had a great Bible group this morning with three new members. They talked about it and someone came to ask if she could join us so we are definitely ten and the conference room where we meet only has ten chairs so I am happy to have them filled.

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