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Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Blessing of Water

Today I want to share the Blessing of Water with you.  It is found on one of the Sisters of the Holy Names card and the text is from Jean Cather, snjm - I think it is a help to prepare for Advent:

May Water's sacred rains
anoint you for your journey,
and her promised Rainbow
gleam through your darkness.
May Water's Living Springs well up within you,
and her ancient Oceans
wash their Wisdom over you.

Blessings of Water to you.

What a gift water is for us and how often we take it for granted. There are thousands of people who do not have easy access to water. Yet, water is necessary for life. I find myself wasting water as we have it in abundance, or so it seems. When I was here during the time of no rain in California, I was careful not to waste a drop, but now I find I often take the gift of water for granted. 
The blessing speaks of the living springs within us. Let us reflect on what that means and let the oceans wash their wisdom over us today.

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