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Saturday, December 16, 2017

God is present amid a busy week

This week has flown by as we have had many extras and I am sure each of my readers has also had a busy week. We began with the kindergarten children coming in after Mass to sing for us. I was impressed by the number of songs they had memorized  and the poise with which they sang them, gestures included. Then our three Third Grades showed up and each class performed the "Tea dance for Two" and then gave us a lovely time singing carols. Then we had the party given us by some of the Mothers followed by a gala luncheon with our staff on Friday. The staff had their own party a week ago, but this one is fun for staff and community together.
Now, today, we are celebrating a funeral - something that we do very well here.
Having had a week with so many events, we hope that next week, the last week of Advent, will be more routine and let us have time to enter into the Advent longing for the coming of the Lord.
God has been present in every event this week; was I present to Him?

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