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Monday, December 4, 2017

Embrace silence!

As we begin this first week of Advent we are told to be awake, stay alert. We pray to God to rouse his power and come and save us. We are to be watchful, be alert. Why? Because we are destined to be with God for all eternity. Advent is a season of joyful preparation for the coming again of Jesus. We need to prepare ourselves and that may be something different for each of us. I know that I am being drawn to silence. To create silence in my life I do not watch TV, I do not go to movies, I try to find quiet time when I am just with Mary and Jesus. These weeks of Advent are precious, if we take the time to just be still and be. It is tempting to just rush to accomplish all we have on our "to do" lists, but let us put first the task of embracing at least some moments of silence! I need to heed my own advice!

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