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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Feast of the Holy Innocents

Herod feared that a new born King could take away his power. He sent his soldiers to kill all the male infants two years old and under two to make sure that this child that the Magi had told him that they had seen his star and set out to find, would perish. Evil is present in our world, but Jesus has come to teach us the power of love.
Let us spend time just holding the Infant in silence.

Here is another quote from Catherine de Hueck Doherty:

"If we are to witness to Christ in today's marketplace, where there are constant demands on our whole person, we need silence. If we are always available, not only physically, but by empathy, sympathy, friendship, understanding, and boundless caritas, we need silence. To be able to give joyously, unflagging hospitality, not only of house and food, but of mind, heart, body and soul, we need silence. True silence is the search of man for God. True silence is a suspension bridge that a soul in love with God builds to cross the dark, frightening gullies of its own mind, the strange chasm of temptation, the depthless precipices of its own fears that impede its way to God."

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