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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Keeping an inner diary of good things

Reading Archbishop J. Peter Sartain's An Advent Pilgrimage has given me new inspiration. He speaks of keeping an inner diary: noticing signs of God's nearness. To keep a diary of good things would be a beautiful and healing task is one way he puts it, but he also quotes something Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI wrote when he was still archbishop of Munich:
"Perhaps we should try an experiment. Let us understand the individual events of the day as little signs God sends us.  Let us not take note only of the annoying and unpleasant things; we should endeavor to see how often God lets us feel something of his love. To keep a kind of inner diary of good things would be a beautiful and healing task."
Maybe it would help us to prepare for both Christmas and the New Year if we focus on the signs of God's nearness. Each day is full of His gifts to us. Did you think to thank for the hot cup of coffee this morning (or tea, for me)? How about the fact that I can make my own bed, wash and fold sheets (I am not so good at folding sheets by myself) but the gift of clean sheets is not to be taken for granted. I still remember how I had to siphon water from the buckets after the mud had settled to try to wash my sheets and towels and wring them out by hand while I was living in Coquimbo, Chile!) I guess past experiences can make us even more grateful for what we have today.

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