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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Night Out

It is really two nights out this week as I took Dee out to dinner on her birthday last night and tonight I am spending it at my nephew's. He and his wife have been remodeling their home which is up high with great views. Gabriela becomes a United States citizen on Thursday morning so she is picking me up today and I will be with her tomorrow to celebrate. 

I want to share something I found in my room. I think I had seen it a long time ago, but it still makes me think so I am passing it on today.

Be Careful When You Say Amen
be careful of simple words said often.

'amen' makes demands
like an unrelenting schoolmaster;
fierce attention to all that is said;
no apathy, no preoccupation, no prejudice permitted.

'amen' : we are present, we are open,
we hearken, we understand,
here we are; we are listening to your word.

'amen' makes demands like a signature on a dotted line;
sober bond to all that goes before;
no hesitation, no half-heartedness,
no mental reservation allowed.

'amen': we support, we approve
we are one mind, we promise,
may this come to pass, so be it.

be careful when you say 'amen'.
-barbara schmich searle 

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