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Friday, December 1, 2017

First Friday of December

We have the First Friday dedicated to the Heart of Jesus and the First Saturday of December with Our Lady to help us to prepare for the beautiful and joy-filled season of Advent. I hope each of us is spending some time in reflection on what God might be asking each of us  - how does God want you to spend this Advent? Sometimes it is just taking time to sit with God or be with Our Lady as we await the coming again of the Infant Jesus into our hearts. Jesus is no longer an infant, but He is present to us and Christmas shows us how He came so vulnerable, helpless, and needy!
I want to share something I read yesterday in Ruth Burrows'
Essence of Prayer, a book I often return to for inspiration. She writes "The Mass is the supreme expression of prayer because it holds, for me, at this moment, the mystery of Jesus himself in his surrender to Father and in the Father's response to that surrender. Here we see that it is God who does everything. I can only be there, saying my fiat and surrendering with Jesus. Once we have really grasped this, prayer is simple indeed. . . It is simple but it isn't easy...

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