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Friday, December 15, 2017

Anniversary of Vows - 65 years

When this was still the octave of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, we had a vow ceremony at Kenwood; I made my vows with five others; Rose Sun in Taipei and I are the only two left of that vow ceremony. It was a day I will always remember. I was just 21 so I had prayed during the retreat before taking our vows that I would really be able to understand what I was doing and give myself completely to the Lord. I think He gave me a special grace on that day.
Now, 65 years later I am still praying for the same grace of being completely given. I have been in dialogue with the Lord about a dream I had while giving the retreat in Miami last month. It takes a long time for me to process a dream and so I think I seldom remember my dreams, but this was very brief and very clear. I was given some work to do; what this was exactly was not clear but seemed to involve typing something.
I had not finished but left it unfinished to go to the Chapel. When I returned, the work was not there.
When I, some weeks after the dream, began to dialogue with Jesus about this, it seems that the unfinished work may be me. It may have been given to me by St. Madeleine Sophie or by St. Philippine Duchesne, at least Jesus suggested I now dialogue with them. 
I share this only because I think we forget that this is a very fruitful way to pray. I ask a question; I wait for an answer and soon I am having a conversation with someone who really cares about me. Try it.

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