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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Advent Desire

Advent is a time of holy longing for the coming again of Jesus. We all want to be more aware of the Presence of Jesus in our hearts. Advent is a time to focus on this intense desire to be able to be united to Jesus in all we do. The desire is important and we often talk about preparing our hearts for the coming of the Infant Jesus at Christmas. I am sure it pleases the Lord when we clear out so much that clutters our minds and hearts so we can prepare a place for the Baby Jesus; however, let us remember that Jesus is dwelling in us and we are the ones who are not always conscious of his presence. Having said this, let us sing, Come, O come, Lord Jesus, and do not delay! This prayer can be said when walking, working, waiting, waking, and whenever! Try it! (I sing the "Veni, veni, Domine Jesu," to myself.)

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