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Saturday, December 30, 2017

How vulnerable the Infant is...

Tomorrow is the last day of the year. It is also the first Sunday after Christmas! I love the Entrance Antiphon:

When a profound silence covered all things and night was in the middle of its course, your all-powerful Word, O Lord, bounded from heaven's royal throne.

Yet, this all-powerful Word, came to us as a helpless Infant in need of care, love, and He had no words but only could cry to make wants known as any baby does. He was full of love but came so we might realize His Love.

We need silence to appreciate the mystery of the Incarnation. We are to spend New Year's Eve here in a day of silence. I am happy with that. Last year I was asked to give the end of the year retreat, but I think I like having the day in silence better as we always want to review our year and ask the Lord what He wants from us for the New Year.

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