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Monday, March 11, 2019

A special Monday

This morning at 8:00 I have a group of mothers of children in the school who have made the Busy Person's Retreat with me and who are interested in growing in their relationship with Jesus. We usually have some silent prayer and then read the next Sunday's Gospel and share.
At 9:00 we have a final Mass to say goodbye to Clare Pratt who has been our Community Director here at Oakwood for the last nine years. We are sad to lose her but happy for her at the same time. She has been a perfect example of what our vocation calls each of us to be and I have been so enriched just by knowing her and making some directed retreats with her plus these past two plus years here at Oakwood where I have seen her gift of self to all of us each day. 
Our call as a community now is to continue to have the same spirit of love, hospitality, and prayer for the whole world as Clare has taught us by her living our charism day be day.
We had a beautiful Mass yesterday with our regular Sunday community plus special invited guests. There was a lovely reception afterwards with speeches and then dinner with many RSCJ guests, etc. Our Provincial came for this, too. Now we welcome our new Community Director, Sally Rude, who I have lived with and know she will work to continue the spirit of this community and bring joy to each.

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