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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Listen to God

I would suggest that we continue to reflect on yesterday's blog post on our journey to Easter. I keep hearing a call to live the Beatitudes and I think the Chapter on the Beatitudes in the Pope's Exhortation on Holiness, published last March, is so important for all of us. I cannot understand why we have not been hearing more about this important document written for all Christians. I do hope my going through it in this blog last year has helped many. I think we are all called to holiness and the Pope has spelled out the practical means for each of us to attain the holiness that the Lord expects for each of us.

I am also struck by something Cardinal Martini wrote about the need for us to do lectio divina every single day.  And then I read somewhere that it is good to take a Gospel and just use it for this slow, meditative reading as we listen to God. He speaks to us in many ways, but Scripture is one way to let God speak to us, so do try this during Lent. 

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