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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Shrove Tuesday

Today really is Shrove Tuesday! We have had so much going on here at Oakwood that it seems time really is flying. I guess when we begin to feel that there is not enough time, we need to sit down and think: "I have all the time there is. No one has more than I do. There are only 24 hours each day and I have the gift of those 24 hours every single day!
Last Saturday we celebrated a 101 birthday and then I left to see a friend in hospice. Today we have a party for Shrove Tuesday but yesterday we prepared a special reunion for Sister Clare Pratt who leaves us next Tuesday after nine years here as Community Director. She will be so missed, but we want to be cheerful so we had "The Follies" - the opening number is a dance by our two African sisters, then those who could walk danced in all wearing blue and with caps or hats. Then came all those who had walkers, at least those who had the kind where you can place them, put on the brakes, turn around and sit down. They did their dance with hands and feet while sitting but were dressed in red. Then we had the wheel chairs pushed by designated ones. Those is the wheel chairs wore white and had colorful neckpieces and had to wave them in time with the music. Then, the last act was three who have electric carts who drove in and out. These "bikers" were in black. It was really quite a performance! Lots of fun! Now, have a happy, holy Lent!

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