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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Seasons of Interior Life

This is one of the pictures that I took of Lake Tahoe when I was there at the beginning of February. I was invited to go again for four days over this week end, but no one to drive us so here I am remembering what a peaceful time it was and thanking God for the beauty I experienced during those days when I was still recovering from pneumonia. We had six days away instead of four because of the blizzard that made the roads impossible. I think they are still having more snow this week end but it is sunny here and the tulips are appearing so we will soon have Spring weather.
Our interior life has its seasons, too. I guess Lent makes me feel that I am in a season of change. I am trying to discern the interior paths that the Lord is leading me on at this point in my life. I think, as my readers must know by now, that our interior life is more exciting than our exterior life, but we need to be able to reflect on it a good deal before we can begin to find the words to describe how the Lord is working in us now. We do better when we describe some interior grace that is now in the past, but God is working in each of us now in the present! What does your interior terrain look like at this point in your life?

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