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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

What would allow our life to be agile and dynamic for mission?

Today, we are finally going to be treating the questions asked by our creative "dream catchers" in preparation for a special Chapter to be held in 2021 on how to organize ourselves and how to share our resources.

What would allow for life to be agile and dynamic for mission?

I think the Pope has been telling us to go out and be with those who are needy in any way: here we have some who are needy, some who are dependent on others, some who have memory loss, others who cannot walk, etc. I think we need to start with the reality around us as each of us is called to further the mission by prayer and our love and concern for others. Sometimes it is by writing notes or e-mailing others; sometimes it may mean still giving spiritual direction and being a welcoming person.

How can our Province be more agile and dynamic?
I think we need to continue to strengthen our ties to our associates, even to having some mixed communities of religious and lay people, continue to have our houses open to others and, as a Province decide how we can contribute more to receiving and helping immigrants and refugees.

With regard to the Philippine Region, I think we are going to need to unite Provinces and have more exchange of persons, but this needs to be gradual and we all need to learn how to converse in Spanish. Perhaps I should say that all who are not yet 75 should be studying Spanish. We are so sure that other countries will know English that we sit back and do not take language study seriously. Fortunately our young religious are learning and having some months living in another country. I really think this is important for our future.

I do not think I am capable of saying how I think the International Society can be more agile and dynamic for mission, but feel that the International Communications team has a big part to play in helping us see how we can collaborate more. And I love the idea of international volunteers. I guess, after twenty years in Chile, internationality is something I cherish as part of our Society's charism and mission.

These thoughts are off the top of my head and I look forward to hearing from others here on Wednesday, but I really want all of our associates, colleagues, friends and readers if this blog to pray now for this special chapter that will see many organizational changes to lead us into the future.

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