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Thursday, March 21, 2019

In the boat

I continue to see myself in a boat with Jesus. Sometimes, it is a small boat just for the two of us. Sometimes, it is one of those large ships that is carrying the entire Province; at other times, I see a fleet of ships with a flag ship setting the direction and moving the fleet forward. All of these images came with the personal reflection asked for by our "dream catchers", but they have stayed with me.

I am at the age where I just want to be in the boat with Jesus. I am finding this Lent too full of things to be done and I need to slow down and, hopefully, clear out as one has the distressing habit of collecting things that are not essential. My room is too small for non-essentials. I guess I will tackle the bottom shelf in my bookcase today. It seems to be the place where I am putting things I do not know what to do with and I suspect much could be given away without my even missing it.

Sometimes I find putting order exteriorly helps me to clear out the clutter that may be accumulating in my interior life. If I would keep remembering that I am on a journey, I would leave behind what is not necessary to take. 

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