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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Feast of St. Joseph

St. Joseph is a quiet man, but most have been a great model for Jesus to learn about an earthly father. Joseph must have taught Jesus all he knew about carpentry; he would have taken him to the synagogue, taught him the psalms, and certainly would have been the one to explain so many of the Jewish customs to Jesus. Males were separated not only in the synagogue, but even walking.  I think Jesus turned often to Joseph when he did not understand or wanted to learn about something. Remember that Jesus was just like us except for sin; he had to learn to speak, to walk, to talk, and then to learn all that a Jewish boy needed to learn as he grew up. I suspect Joseph took great pride in forming Jesus to be a skilled carpenter. I wonder if God spoke at other times to Joseph in a dream. We know how obedient he was when God told him not to fear to take Mary as his wife and then when he was asked to flee to Egypt with Mary and their infant son. He was a man of great faith and trusted God. These are qualities that Jesus showed he valued in all his followers later.

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