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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Trust the future

Entire families out here in California go off to ski either near Lake Tahoe or into Utah. The children learn to ski at an early age and love to conquer the different slopes until they are able to ski on the steepest and most difficult.
I have never skied. However, it is a sport that intrigues me. I love to watch it on TV (I guess that should be past tense as I seldom watch anything on TV!). There is something so freeing as the best skiers are able to soar into the air and still land on their skies to continue their journey down the ski slope. I would like to have that freedom in my inner life. I think the Holy Spirit sometimes urges me to set out down a new path and helps me to jump obstacles when I trust that the Spirit will also see that I land safely. 
We are in a moment of trust both to see what is going to happen to Religious Life in general and how we can organize ourselves to face the challenges that await us. We are growing older and fewer people are entering religious congregations. We are being led by the Spirit to create new ways of keeping our charisms alive in the Church. The Church is being asked to change its ways and reach out to all. Let us pray for the future and trust the Holy Spirit.

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