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Friday, April 23, 2010

Absence and Contemplation

I leave home tomorrow morning at 6:30 for a non-stop flight to San Francisco airport. From there I go to Redwood City to stay in one of our communities. On Monday, I will go with two other RSCJs to Villa Maria del Mar, a retreat house run by the Sisters of the Holy Names right on the Pacific ocean in Santa Cruz. I will have three days there and then back to Redwood City to prepare for the gathering with five of my group who made final profession in Rome together in 1960. I will be home on May 5. Since I want to use this time away for more prayer and contemplation of the beauty around me in California, I will not be writing my blog for the next two weeks. I will be back blogging by May 8th. It is nice to have this time away and I am very grateful.
This Sunday's Gospel is short and full of wonderful thoughts to reflect on as well as many theological truths. I am struck by the fact that Jesus knows his sheep and we follow him, but he is promising us eternal life and revealing the Father to us. I love Good Shepherd Sunday and will be praying for each of my readers.

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