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Monday, April 19, 2010

God's Irresistible Call Invites Us to Hope

Juliet Mousseau's article in the latest Review for Religious, "God's Irresistible Call Invites Us to Hope" really answers the question that all of us are so often asked: "Why do you want to become a nun?" or, in my case, "Why did you become a nun and what have these sixty years been for you as a nun?"
My answer is the same as Juliet's so I will quote her: "...I am here because I heard God calling me along this unexpected path." It all comes down to the fact that God calls and we listen and have the courage to respond. Sometimes the invitation is so gentle and the voice so soft that we hesitate to act. However, the call, though gentle and easily dismissed, keeps persisting until we heed it or refuse to listen. It is always a risk to leave all and yet this is the step that opens up an intimacy with Jesus that is difficult to describe to those who do not share that same intimacy. It goes back to my conviction that "God is all and everything else is nothing" - a truth that is a beacon in my life, but which I find hard to put into practice. However, the joys of religious life keep multiplying and, like Juliet, I recognize the grace and the blessing of this life. Juliet writes: "My clearest sense of hope is this: the call that I feel is irresistible. Once I recognized it, I could not ignore it. I am deeply and intimately called into a relationship with God, and I would deeply regret moving on with life without at the very least trying on religious life." I hope others will also hear the call of God to give their lives to him.
From sixty years of experience I can speak, too, of the fidelity of God. He is always with us. What a joy to know that we have a faithful spouse who is always loving us with an infinite love; who is always desiring us.
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Sister Juliet, RSCJ said...

Hi, Helen! Thank you for posting this. I'm glad that people find the article helpful and encouraging!

Much love,

Helen said...

I loved your article and have copied it for others.
I also enjoy your blog so do keep writing!
Love and prayer, Helen