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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Joy is found in daily life

What joys we have every day, if we only stop to think of them. I thought of a few today that I will share as it is what comes to me; actually, I am thinking of the joys of yesterday which was an ordinary Friday with a biblical lecture at the University in the evening. I began with the joy of waking up early without needing any noise or alarm clock to wake me; then there was my hour of prayer, always a joy even when dry as I cannot always say I float through the hour but it is a joy and I do look forward to it every morning and often it is an hour and a half as I love to prolong it with a bit of spiritual reading. Then the joy of breakfast which is most always tea and toast with a bannana; during breakfast, I have the joy of reading the newspaper. The news is not too joyful, but I find that I can enjoy reading the different sections just to know what is going on in the world; then there is the joy of sitting at the computer and being in touch with friends through e-mail; the joy of being able to find a picture that I like for my blog and a certain joy comes from writing a reflection that has an audience all over the world and one never knows who might comment on the blog.
The morning passes rapidly; there is the joy of a hot shower, clean clothes, even the joy of making my bed first thing in the morning as that is a contemplative moment for me! And so the day continues with mail to bring in and pass and read and dispose of as best I can (sometimes I let it pile up for a day or two and then regret it). There is the joy of praying in the car on the way to the University; the noon Mass here that is always a joy; then lunch with some of the staff or maybe at my desk; the joy of computer games when I have deleted the answered e-mail or finished checking my course; the joy of conversation, etc. Now I need to stop, but there are joys at every minute if we stop to reflect! All is gift!

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