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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mary wept and waited...

In spite of her faith, Mary's heart was pierced as she held her dead and wounded Son. It was hard to leave him in the tomb and I am sure she spent the first Holy Saturday in mourning; she may have had faith and hope in her soul, but I think the predominate emotion was love that led her to grieve the loss of the physical presence of her Son. She also must have relived his sufferings in her own heart. When she stood at the foot of the cross, she was weeping. Tears are part of who we are and Mary was able to cry. I suspect she also prayed for all who abandoned Jesus, those who did not realize that he was God's Son, for all who were now her children. She prays still for all of us.

This is a day of silent waiting. We know that Jesus is risen, but we remember the time just after his death each year and, between the sorrow of Good Friday and the joy of the Easter vigil, we wait with Mary.

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