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Friday, April 16, 2010

Signs of Spring in Spiritual Life

Today I began to reflect on how the spiritual life also has seasons. I think that Spring is characterized by new beginnings. There is new energy, a feeling of joy and creativity. It is a time for some spring cleaning; get rid of some of the baggage that we have stored and no longer need. I always think that, as our Constitutions told me even as a novice, "God is all and everything else is nothing", I need to get back to that and let go of my own plans and let God be God in my life. Spring is a time to sweep the floor of our souls so that we banish all the dust that collects so easily. It is a time to open the windows and let in fresh air. After all this activity, we need to just sit and remember that great truth: God is all; everything else is nothing."
Maybe I spend too much time trying to rearrange the furniture in my soul; actually, I do not concentrate on furniture but I do have a room where my memories are stored. It is full of drawers and resembles a large walk-in closet off our playroom when I was a child. The drawers held toys and games then, but my memory room has drawers with good thoughts of gratitude, happy events, people who have loved me, people I have loved, experiences of God, moments of suffering and loss, and even a drawer that is for bad thoughts that I lock up and keep locked! I ask God to empty that drawer. My imagination keeps things in order so my soul is a peaceful place. Now I am just going to open the windows and enjoy Spring.

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