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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Monday with a double Alleluia

I have always loved Easter Monday and will be staying home to enjoy this one! In the evening I will prepare the prayer for an early birthday celebration for one of my community. I think it is fun to celebrate a new year of life, but I am caught up in the fact that Jesus spent the forty days after Easter going around and consoling his disciples and making their hearts burn within them. When I was superior in Coquimbo in the North of Chile, our kind bishop came to visit us on Easter Monday and I am sure he chose this day for his visitation in order to give us joy.
I think it is a good day to call people on the phone who live alone and who will enjoy knowing that someone is thinking of them.
I am also thinking today of the two disciples who left Jerusalem so discouraged and disappointed that Jesus had died on the cross. They heard the tale that the tomb was empty and that some of the women had seen Jesus and that he was alive, but it was too much for them to really believe. While they are walking along, Jesus comes to them. I love this scene. They do not recognize him. He asks them what they were talking about and then, after drawing them out, shows them how the Christ had to suffer all these things. They only realize that it is Jesus with them when he goes to supper with them and breaks bread. Then Jesus disappears and they are full of energy and say, "Were not our hearts burning within us?" They then rush back to Jerusalem to tell the others. May we recognize Jesus as He walks with us today!

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