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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Silent Spring Solitude

I guess I am enjoying some silent, Spring solitude. My community of five has reduced itself to two for the next ten days. I am happy that one is in Colombia with her family, another in Mexico to improve her Spanish fluency, and the third is making her retreat in another city. The fourth is at work. The house is quiet, clean, and neat. It is a perfect time for contemplation. I find that images help me to center and sink into God. That is one reason I try to put a picture in my blog each day even when not writing about anything connected with the Liturgy. Pictures of Spring awaken memories; the drive through the mountains between Vina del Mar and Santiago is one of my favorite scenes and easily comes to mind. What a gift our imagination is! God allows us to store all this beauty in our heads and find it instantly without having to look through files or albums! I am grateful for this and think that any beautiful scene inspires us to stop and be aware of the Creator and feel both gratitude and joy.
I like to imagine Jesus during the forty days after Easter going around and enjoying the beauty of Spring, smelling the flowers, resting in the shade of new greenery, and maybe wading in cool water while he waited to visit someone with his Easter joy and consolation. He is still visiting us! The best is that now he is always with us!

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